Pretty, Fantastic

by Stranded Cruiser

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released October 30, 2015

Produced by Stranded Cruiser
Recorded and Mixed by Matt Fretz at Walkdown Sound
Mastered by Shawn Jurek
Artwork by Evan Ageless at Ageless Photography/Mattovich



all rights reserved


Stranded Cruiser Whitby, Ontario

Garage Rock
Get Bent Records

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Track Name: Shark Tank
I've died so many times before,
You crazy motherfuckers diving headfirst in this hole.
Lost the feeling, accept the bad news,
Well we'll give the kids a song to dance to.
It's hard being a post like me.
Gotta live with an open-mind philosophy,
Where original is second to popularity.
Youth killed youth, we killed all that's free.

And now she's broken down,
Caught up in some kind of a dead town.
Hey, we're going crazy.
Hey, we've felt so numb.
Now I'm at my best, perfect time to die young.

I'm right here, you'll learn so soon.
That if you've got soul, you know how to move.
And I'm so bad, cause I forget.
Everything single night, we try to lose our heads.

I've tried so many times before,
The fire's burning out as you all shout for more.
Brought some meaning, don't let your dying show.
Kids, cut me open cause I'm about to blow.

I'm alright, keeping my place.
Tied to nothing, nothing leaves a trace.
And I'm so glad, we'll never get it back.
Lost our minds, we found some purpose instead.

It's unfair.
When you love something, you let it die there.
Track Name: Another Misery
Drop now, take a bow,
Come on everybody and show us how.
Break it down, take it back,
Everyone here to stay on track before we rust.
Here we are, try to adjust to things of stars in my head.
Our hopes are dead and it's okay today.

Yeah, get it right.
You wanted some more, you wanted some more now.
It's getting late, the kind of night you can't stay awake.
You wanted improvement, you keep talking smack and you'll get it right back.
Singing Na.

Cutthroat attitude, tear us apart we're stuck like glue.
It's a fiction tradition, God gave you the missions,
The lives that we run, we're all just pawns.
In this big world, it's just me and you,
I'm in it for the glory, You're in it for the fools.

Times are crazy, little lady,
I'm a statue you when you walk by, someone come save me.
Wanted more, searching for funk,
Came to play but we're aiming our guns.
To shoot you down, bring you up,
Spin you around, take all you got.
I'm ahead so I feel free,
Here in perfection is our misery.
Track Name: Been Gone For A While
Spit me out.
Let me down again.
And I don't feel like I mean anything.
She's just lying there, thinking about something.
I just broke the crown, but I don't want to be king.

I don't want to feel like I've been gone.
I don't want to feel like I've done wrong.
I don't want to look into your eyes and feel I've been gone for a while.
And I never lived inside this home.
Rather burn it down and dig a hole.
Bury all the stars up in the sky.
I've been gone for a while.

Tell her your motives.
He'll crush your plans.
I'm the moon that watches chaos until the night ends.
I don't recognize you anymore.
The touch unfamiliar, the excitement bored.
I will never understand what it meant,
To be the last good thought in your head.

Wake up, I don't want to shout.
Everybody knows what we're all about.
We're all about nothing, we're all about sacred.
Everything that's sacred means nothing to you.
Track Name: Mother Abbey
Heading out with these concrete shoes,
I'll stumble in the jungle of this world with no pain,
And it's our game to play.
Found you, the one with the open mind,
I was closed inside, now I'm free, lost it again
While the captain trips, I'll catch Mother Abbey.

Here I am, once again,
And I'm looking for another friend.
To pull me out like I know you would,
And pull me in, like I know you could.

Caught in a crossfire, I'm shooting out words,
to make sense to you.
The proof that change closes minds, kills it all inside,
Now I'm locked with these animals I believe in.
But I can't bring Ellie back.
I got dreams, but they failed me.
Track Name: Fuck'n Real
I'm stuck in here and I can't get out.
Living in repetition as I move with the crowd.
The days are endless, but we live for the nights.
Our youth is lost behind these unwatched eyes.
And I feel older, older than I ever have.
And I have the world upon my shoulders.

Look at me, now I'm part of the team.
Now I'm part of something at seventeen.
Now I belong to everyone,
But where have they gone?

When things get hard, you just want to back down.
Don't point that finger unless you point it at yourself.
Your hero's dead, they peeked too soon.
Like all the prep kids in highschool.
We're the kings and queens of this time, it's our time.
And I won't be trapped or labelled anymore.

Dream a dream, do not tell.
Do not rely on anyone else.
Dream a dream, do not sell.
Do not believe all this shit is fucking real!
Track Name: No Life
Sitting around thinking to myself,
What went wrong?
Frozen in time, a collapsed mind,
It's been gone for so long.
Got me worried, got me restless,
I need a prayer to beat this test.
Buttons were pushed to far,
And I forget where those things are.

Keep me in my place,
And I'm so lost.
I need to retrace,
The steps that I took.

I'm reaching for it now,
Out of the dark and into the crowd.
Turn that noise, turn it down.
I gotta find it!

Late night, outta sight,
The fire burns bright, it's ignite.
And you've escaped,
You countered my ways.
How does it move?
How do you move?
It's got no life,
There's no life.
Track Name: Tomorrow
Sharp words like a dying man.
Leave from your mouth, it's crimes against.
A symbol used to catch your stare.
Wake up to find everyone over there.

Can you look me in the eyes and say it again?
I don't want you to know it but can you say it again?
I've got flawed ideas that killed tomorrow.
A perfect soul so hollow.

Tell me who you want me to be.
All the lies I'll make you believe.
Steal your creativity.
Won't impress.
Won't be a novelty.

Tomorrow, we're singing sorrow.

You're so drunk you don't know what you're saying.
I've got a god but I don't feel like praying for you.
Listen to that praise as you sit on top.
Scarred from being push off of that spotlight,
Shines and will burn right through.
Something clever and something new.
People, don't cheer just yet.
Last a moment longer and they'll soon forget.
Your name, your place in our hall of fame.
They stole my plans.
I'll never mean anything now.

A touch so cold, I need a heart I can borrow.
Track Name: What I Need
I take a peak when I see you walking around.
When I talk, I admit, I always look down.
I wonder what you're thinking in that beautiful mind.
Wonder if you think we could do some time.

I believe I'm a plant.
I'll stand so still.
Get you from the back.
Get you I will.

You're beautiful,
I'm jealous now, jealous again.
You're beautiful,
Gonna stab you in the back.

I remember a time I saw you in the halls.
It was the first time I saw you and I wanted it all.
Get you in that place where it feels so right.
Wonder if you think we could do some time.

I'm cautious but not afraid.
And I've learned my ways.
Gotta stop right now but I can't.

I've got a plan.
I'll stand so still.
Get you from the back.
Get you I will.
Track Name: Carolina
Concentrate on nothing,
Now you've lost me out in the rain.
Light the flame that guides,
All of god's puppets to their graves.
Where we can sing and dance,
Swim in the ocean free.
Lost horizon,
Ties that bind us to these subtle thieves.

Carolina, won't you shine on us,
And make me feel whole again.
Carolina, won't you shine on us,
And make me feel alive.

Based on facts,
And all the tattoos that you have.
A story that words can never tell.
Live in a frame painted by another.
Don't bother, clouds start to cover.
One man's paradise is another man's hell.

Rip me out of this world.
I'm scared but learning how to fool you.

Anticipate everything that I do.
Try to predict my next move,
But I'm going along pretending that you're the best at what you do.
Stop, stand still.
Grab that thrill.
The gun with the bullet that moves faster than your mouth.
Make sense to the replying thoughts in your head.
When the sun is high,
You're just like them.
Track Name: If She Ain't Happy, Nobody's Happy
I'll speak out of context just this once.
I never take orders even from my love.
And I'm gonna stand here,
Being told what to do.
I need you, that's it.
Anything less is bullshit.
No, I won't be controlled.
No, I'm not letting go.

Oh no.
Not now.
Say when.
Cause I'm not waiting.
Please change.
Order Age.
This is not what I had in mind.

I know this guy and he loves his girl.
Not saying it's wrong, but she controls his world.
He's under her thumb and that's that.
Better break it off before he's trapped.
But girl, you're on my mind.
But baby, I have no time for myself.
This is hell.
Let me out.

If she ain't happy, nobody's happy.
Not what I had in mind.